Customer Service Army

[1] Customer Service RECON Team Actively Investigating Takata Airbag Recall: STATUS REPORT – The deeper we dig, the more dirt we uncover involving big business entities across multiple industries who conduct business locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Initial findings report to be published soon. Evidence to date is damning. Poor Customer Service that fits our “Customer Service Casualty” status is just the tip of the iceberg. Countless morally questionable business policies and complex loophole operating procedures have been identified and [**DOCUMENTED] using our proprietary and law enforcement grade Tactical Operation Toolkit::SURVEILLANCE (TOTS).
[**In Person. By Phone. Online. Mobile.]

[2] OPERATION: Feedback
[2.1] We scanned the current marketplace within the United States for a truly independent and non-bias tool to EFFECTIVELY measure real-time customer service interactions involving \\ Businesses \\ Organizations \\ Government Agencies \\ [2.2] We determined that a non-traditional, raw and unfiltered approach would be the only way to get an accurate view of what’s actually going on in the ~ ZERO % visability of the current muddied and contaminated operational waters. [2.3] We can’t wait to show you what our Customer Service INTEL team has cooked up to sound off about your recent customer service experiences – both good and bad.

[3] OPERATION: New Recruits.
We’ll be looking for those who dare challenge the status quo!
If you can’t stand by 1 more day without doing something to help change + improve the way customer service is being practiced, then we want to hear from you!!
[Assess. Change. Improve. Evolve.]

[4] Original Customer Service FEATURED News Stories.
[4.1] Paid Advertisements Touting Customer Service Commitment. Factual Fantasy? Enter XFINITY and Ally Bank for high volume daily advertising buys on multiple television networks at least several times per day in some cases.
[4.2] Just when you thought Big-Business-Machine-Like Customer Service Mechanisms couldn’t get any worse…Say hello to some hard to believe local and regional nightmares. We recently discovered some of the most bizarre business practices ever in local and regional markets when paying for “high end” professional services. STAY TUNED! You won’t want to miss this one. COMING SOON.

[5] NEW Service Offerings.
[5.1] FREE (Public) Customer Service-Focused Solutions designed to improve the average customer service experience for EveryConsumerUSA.
[5.2] PAID (Private) Product and Service offerings designed specifically for some of the most challenging customer environments. NEW Products. NEW proprietary Customer Service METRICS.